Fall Supper

The October Fall supper indulged in seasonal fare and decadent, vintage décor within a tucked away backyard in downtown Los Angeles.

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Guests were greeted with a saffron/orange-infused cocktail with Grandma Honey’s instructions of how to sip bourbon properly to truly taste all of the flavors. Accompanying the cocktails were appetizers of fried sage leaves stuffed with homemade lemon ricotta and a honey lemon drizzle.

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The five-course sit down dinner included all of the tastes of the season and created conversation through serving styles and ingredient choices.


tiny morsels

fried sage leaves stuffed homemade ricotta and a honey lemon drizzle

tasty trio

parsnip and apple soup

green salad with radish/ pickled onion/ stilton/dried cherries

flatbread with yams/ricotta-creme fraicher/ green onion/bacon

tender and hearty

pork cooked in milk

brussels sprouts with pecorino and hazelnuts

mustard roasted carrots

sweet tooth

orange infused coffee

pumpkin and chocolate shortcake

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Guests were sent home with a morning surprise so that the experience could live on into the next day.


A big thanks to everyone who came out to help us make this dinner so great!

All photos belong to Brandi and HUNT + GATHER.

Amazing Vendors We Love:

Brandi Welles Photography – for the beautiful photos

Found Vintage Rentals – for taking us back in time with curated vintage furniture

The Vintage Table Co. – for the tasteful place settings